Membership list

Most of you have filled out this already, if you haven’t please do so now. Membership list: /The board

Annual meeting 220510

Time for our annual meeting. If you follow this link you can find the the agenda for the meeting:


Hello! The annual meeting for Köörmit will be the 10th of may. We will choose new board members and minions. If you’re interested in sitting in the board and want more information you can always ask current board members what you do as a member of the board.If you have any motions you’d like to …


Let’s go!!

Starting next week the rehearsals are back on track! First rehearsal is in other words 15th of February at 18:00 in Baertling! If you have symptoms DO NOT come to the rehearsal!! If someone in your household have symptoms you may come to rehearsal, if that person have confirmed Covid-19 you have to stay home …

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