Night of the Singing Dead – Autumn concert

Leaves are falling from the trees. Fruit flies are everywhere. In the distance you can hear the cry of a student who didn’t make it to ICA before its closing time echo in the night. Groovy gheists, screeching sirens and muffled mummies are summoned to Halmstad högskola to sing out in the night. The Köörmit autumn concert is nigh.

Time: November 4th 16:00-18:30

Place: Baertling Hall* – J building (“Visionenhuset”)

Prices: 50kr for students**, 100kr for non-studying adults and zero for kids under 12 years.

Where to get tickets?  Ask someone in the choir, all members sell tickets. Halmstads Studentkår – Halmstad University Student Union (A-F building, connected with Trade Center).

How to pay? Swish: 123 693 17 86. Leave a message with a clarification of which type of ticket you bought and how many of them. Tickets at Studentkåren can be purchased with cash only.

* Baertling Hall is located in Halmstad Univesity campus, on the left of the main school building, right behind the library.

** Students need to bring their student card. For those older than 12 years without a student card: bring something which confirms your age.


Come as you are


put on something spooky