Time to put on a show

At Köörmit we are always excited about new projects and performances. In the past we have done just about everything. Singing at Funkisfestivalen, performing in homes for the elderly and recording for a Swedish Bond movie is just a few examples. During Christmas we always (in pandemic free times) sing Lucia at several different locations such as our University, Hallarna and Halmstad County. We have participated in shows put on in Halmstad Culture House Najaden and we also put on concerts of our own each semester which welcomes an audience from all over. Check out our upcoming events below.

Upcoming event

Spring concert 23/4 19.00 at Baertling Hall

We are very proud to invite you all to our spring concert: Circle of life. We will mix classic spring songs and beloved musical numbers in a joyous spring celebration. So join us on Halmstad university campus, house J, Baertling hall on the 23rd of April. 

Tickets for all our concerts can be bought at the Student Union office on the university campus ahead of time or at the door before the concert starts. 

More upcoming events

colorful, autumn, leaves-2609978.jpg

Autumn concert

Coming the next autumn, in 2022, we will be back with a new spectacular concert. Time and theme will be announced after the summer. 


Lucia 2022

On the 13th of December we will be donning our white dresses and red sashes to give Lucia a proper singing celebration. 

Covid19 information

The pandemic restrictions have been lifted, but we still ask you to stay home in case you experience symtoms of Covid. 


Past performances

Curious about what we have done in the past? Below you can find a few examples. 

What does our audience think?

"I always leave a Köörmit concert with a happy smile"
- Gunilla
"Köörmit's concerts are always well worth a visit. The singers are skilled and sing with joy"
- AnnSofie
"The singers seem to have a lot of fun onstage, and that makes it fun for the audience as well"
- Anders

Would you like to collaborate with us?

We love exciting projects and collaborations. Got an idea? Lets get together and create something awesome!