Welcome to Halmstad University Student Choir

Do you love to sing?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Köörmit is a funloving choir for everyone no matter who you are or your previous experience. We practice every Tuesday at 18.00-20.15 in Baertling Hall on campus, feel free to join us.

Join us for our amazing ABBA Tribute concert on the 18th of May at 17.00, Baertling Hall, House J on Halmstad University Campus. With additional spring songs. Tickets 80sek, HH students and kids under 12 years old enter for free. 

What is Köörmit all about?

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We love singing. At practice, at parties, in the shower...everywhere. Generally we have four different harmonies: base, tenor, soprano and alto.

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Hanging Out

We also love to simply have fun. Movienight, pizzanight, karaoke, quiz, partying, going to Liseberg, playing games is just a few examples.

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Fika is a vital part of our routine. Every practice we take a break around half-time for some tasty refreshments and friendly chatting.

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During the year we participate and sing in different traditions such as Lucia, Christmas, Valborg and Graduation.

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Each term we also put on a concert with a theme of our choosing. The last years has featured the 80s movie songs, Halloween and Disney among others.

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Sometimes we like to camp it out big time. At choir camp we have loads of activities as well as plan out upcoming performances.

Meet the gang

We are a friendly bunch. Here you can get to know a few of our members. 

Josefin Ericsson

Josefin Ericsson

Amazing Alto

“The best thing about joining Köörmit is meeting new people from all over the world who has gathered to do something they all love. Singing in a choir has really brought something special into my life and I am forever grateful for that.”

Anna Hansson

Anna Hansson

Stunning Soprano

“I’ve made great friends by joining the choir and met a lot of interesting people. It’s kind of amazing that a group of totally different people, no matter who they are, can unite and make something together, every singer a small piece of the puzzle…and also I love to sing obviously.”

Tove Wantzin

Tove Wantzin

Amazing Alto

“The best thing about joining Köörmit is meeting new people that all share the same interest for singing. To be a part of a group and do stuff together outside of practices is also very fun.”

Get to know our choir leader

Kristina Elmdahl is the one who brings us all together. She took over the choir in 2018 and has done a great job ever since. 

I am the one lucky enough to be the choir leader of Köörmit. I was born and raised in Halmstad and still live here with my family. In 2004 I started my career as a church musician (still doing that) and I joined Köörmit in the fall of 2018. One of the best things about my job is to be a choir leader and to create music with others. After several years I decided to study Choral conducting at Gothenburg University, so in 2018 I got my degree of Master of fine arts in music specialization in choral conducting.

Thanks to Köörmit I now work with other kinds of music than I used to. I also get to meet lovely people from all around Sweden and from several different parts of the world, which is great. If you like to sing and meet other people, come and join us at Köörmit. Every single member is important both at rehearsals and when we perform. Together we are one unit in harmony.” 

Kristina Körledare

Find us on Campus

We hold our weekly practice in Baertling Hall located in house J on Campus. House J is the building opposite the University library. Sometimes the door may be locked, but reach out to us on chat or messenger, and we will come open the door.