Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Köörmit even if I am not a student?

Yes you can. Our members are primarily students and former students from Halmstad University, but everyone is more than welcome to join. 

Does it cost anything to join Köörmit?

Aside from three free practice sessions, it costs 50 sek per semester to become a member of Köörmit. This is payed to our cashier Anna (cash or swish) and the money will be reinvested in the choir. For example: member activities, choir camp or paying the band at our concerts. 

Can I join even if I do not speak Swedish?

Yes. Our practice sessions is in a mixture of Swedish and English, it will be a great opportunity to learn the language and make some new friends in the process. 

Do I need any previous experience to join Köörmit?

No you do not, beginners are welcome and you do not need to audition before joining. If you can read notes/sheet music that’s great, but not a requirement. 

Can I join the Köörmit board?

The Köörmit board is selected by vote at Köörmits annual meeting. If you have an interest for any of the positions, please announce it to the current nomination committee. 

Can I try it out before joining Köörmit?

Yes you can. You can join three practices for free before making a commitment and paying the members fee (50sek per semester).

What kind of music does Köörmit sing?

A lot of pop and contemporary music, but really all kinds. In the past we have sung everything from folk music, to Rock’n Roll, to 80s movie themes. Sometimes we sing in several different languages since we have exchange students joining us from all over the world.  

Can I impact what kind of songs the choir sings?

Every semester we choose a theme of our liking to influence which songs we sing. Feel free to make any and all suggestions to the board and/or our choir leader.  

What harmonies do you currently have in the choir?

We generally sing in four harmonies: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Base. Sometimes we sing in additional harmonies, for example in first and second soprano. 

Do I have to perform on stage to join Köörmit?

Naturally we are happy if as many members as possible join when we perform, but fear not, you do not have to get on stage if you don’t want to. There is however a strength in numbers and it can be a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. 

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