We will start singing at 9.30 on Saturday so be at Gullbrannagården at ca 9.15. On Saturday we will be served lunch and dinner and on Sunday we will get breakfast. We will end around 12.30-13 on Sunday. The plan is to focus on singing on Saturday and end with games and hanging out in the evening. On Sunday we will fokus on choreography, props etc for the concert.

You can get to Gullbrannagården by bike, bus or car.

The bus is 314 and then you jump of at Paprikavägen and walk for about 5-10 minutes. There is a bus departing at 8.28 from the central at Saturday.

The adress is Gullbrannagården, 305 96 Eldsberga.

If you would like to have a place in a car departing from the university, please write to The cars will depart at 9 from the university except for Annas car who will depart at 8.30

Stuff to bring to the camp:

bed sheets


bathing suit (for the brave)

your sheet music

beer, cider and/or wine if you want to drink in the evening


If you have any questions just write to or on facebook

See you on Saturday!