Rehearsal day and event 26/4

Hello everyone!

Info for the rehearsal day today:

We will start rehearse at 13, first in Wigforss and then later on in Baertling. After this we will eat pizza and do activities together. The choir will have fika and fruits for the day.
Also, don’t forget to bring your stage clothes for the second part of our concert with you on Saturday. Green or blue top and black bottom! And also no alcohol is allowed!

The 26/4 we have been asked by the school student health department to sing at one of their events (Spel-o-mat).
The event is between 15-19 (the same day as choir-practice), we will meet at latest 17:45 to warm up so we’ll have time to perform before the event ends.
It is REALLY important that everyone who is suppose to sing will be there at 17:45 AT LATEST. So please be in time and inform us at next practice (or on Saturday) if you can join us at the 26/4.

See you guys later today!