Rehearsal today cancelled!

Unfortunately we have to postpone our start this semester since we got information from several members that they can’t attend today’s rehearsal. Since we would be so few attending we choose to postpone rehearsal until next week! Best wishesThe board


Hello everyone! Hope to see you tomorrow! As we’ve informed before we’ll have our association meeting tomorrow and also some rehearsal! BUT after the rehearsal we’re planning to buy pizza (the choir pays!) and have a nice time together so we hope that you’ll be able to stay for that too! /The board

Association meeting

Here is the agenda for our association meeting and also a suggestion to change the statues. Hope to see you on Tuesday and the meeting the week after! /The Board

Association meeting 210928

Time for our association meeting on 28th of september. Like we said at rehearsal yesterday, if you have a motion to give you need to send it to at the latest Friday 17th of september at 12:00 (noon). “A motion is a proposal that is put before a meeting for discussion and a decision. …

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